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Johnson Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services. Chiropractic care is a safe, effective treatment, which uses hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments to help reduce back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, knee pain and more.

Who can benefit from treatment?

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective treatment, which uses hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments to help a variety of issues. This treatment can benefit a variety of patients from all spectrums.

Chiropractic in General

Everyone has a spine. Everyone has a nervous system. Getting adjusted helps keep the spine and nervous system performing at top level with less dependance on medications and surgery.

Chiropractic can help with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, headaches, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, ear infections in children, colic in babies, and more.

Chiropractic for Sports

Athletes want to win! Winning requires optimum performance. The ability to perform at the highest level is dependant on the proper function of the nervous system. Therefore, the athlete’s nervous system must be functioning at its peak level to be competitive in any sport or activity.

Getting adjusted regularly can also help prevent injury.

Chiropractic for Seniors

The aging process does not have to mean the loss in our quality of life. Good health is essential to enjoying our later years. Having good health at an older age is not a matter of chance.

Chiropractic can help also keep joints moving and as fluid as possible to help prevent more arthritis and wear.

Chiropractic for Kids

A properly functioning nervous system is essential for development and growth. Every slip, fall, accident we’ve ever had in our lives – our mind forgets but our body does not, especially if we don’t do something to help it forget or repair.

Think of a young, green tree. If that tree gets an injury, it will grow up bent or crooked unless something is done to help straighten it.

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Regular adjustments during pregnancy can offer a variety of benefits. Among these benefits, adjustments can help keep pelvis aligned for better chances of a smooth delivery.

Subluxation of the Spine

What does it mean to me?

In simplest terms, a subluxation is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves.

How does this affect you? Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you interfere with the signals traveling over nerves, parts of your body will not get the proper nerve messages and will not be able to function at 100% of their innate abilities.

Chiropractic & Immunity

Understanding how they work together

Chiropractors do not claim to treat infectious diseases. What chiropractic does is allow your body to function free of nerve system interference and closer to your full potential. Understanding the spread of infectious disease and how best to defend yourself can lessen the fear as well as your chances of being impacted by infectious pathogens.

Ready to take back your health?

If you suffer from back or neck pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, knee pain or shoulder pain, then chiropractic treatman could help you! Contact our office and set up an appointment. We will start with a thorough spinal and nervous system exam, and determine if x-rays are necessary. With those findings, we can make a more accurate determination of the type of adjustments your spine needs as well as the ongoing frequency of your care.

Sustainable Treatment

Keeping up with your health

4 Benefits to Chiropractic Care

Posture, Pain Relief & Wellbeing

Improve your posture

Regular chiropractic care can benefit your posture and make you feel at your best. With many of us slouching at a desk all day, posture is very important to focus on and correct.

Help with pain-relief

Chiropractic care can help minimize migraines and neck-related headaches. It can also reduce pain and improve range of motion of your spine and other joints.

Improve range of motion

Regular chiropractic care provides an improved range of motion, helping you to move easier and get through your daily activities with less effort.

Improved overall well-being

There are numerous benefits to chiropractic care that can help your overall wellbeing. These include better sleep, more energy, better balance, among other things, which leads to a better quality of life.

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